There is a new way of living hospitality among old caves, staircases, and old alleys.

The hospitality

An oasis of peace.

The Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort is a space of enchanting and natural sophistication. Where ancient mysteries meet modern revelations and joyful exhilaration is balanced with deepest peace.

A place of wonder, of which they capture every nuance – the calcarenite walls, decorative arches and ceilings with endless voids – painting a picture of life in the caves of our ancestors.

The landscape

The perfect destination for who loves nature.

Sant’Angelo offers wonderful glimpses on Murgia Park, a unique landscape in the world. Here you can do trekking and walks through the ruins of an ancient civilization and combine the taste of a little outdoor activity with the discovery of prehistoric remains.
The Canyon Gravina is also extraordinary with a huge limestone furrow that divides nature from the city. At the bottom of this Canyon flows a small stream whose slow path of water continues south along the Sassi di Matera

The city

Life in the Sassi is slow but never boring.

Matera is a very ancient place, in the old Rioni of Sassi the time seems to stop, but for a moment everything appears like in the past.
But this City has a lot of souls and offer to the visitors endless opportunities for entertainment: clubs, exhibitions, romantic views and lively squares. Here there is something to do for everyone.