There is a new way of living hospitality among old caves, staircases, and old alleys.

The hospitality

Like your home. Just incredibly better.

How many times have you heard an hotel promise to make you feel at home. We don’t want to lie to you, staying in Sant’Angelo means living a different and unique experience. Unless you already live in a thousand-year-old cave with views on a UNESCO World Heritage landscape, we are sure to make you feel at home.

The landscape

The perfect destination for who loves nature.

Sant’Angelo offers wonderful glimpses on Murgia Park, a unique landscape in the world. Here you can do trekking and walks through the ruins of an ancient civilization and combine the taste of a little outdoor activity with the discovery of prehistoric remains.
The Canyon Gravina is also extraordinary with a huge limestone furrow that divides nature from the city. At the bottom of this Canyon flows a small stream whose slow path of water continues south along the Sassi di Matera

The city

Life in the Sassi is slow but never boring.

Matera is a very ancient place, in the old Rioni of Sassi the time seems to stop, but for a moment everything appears like in the past.
But this City has a lot of souls and offer to the visitors endless opportunities for entertainment: clubs, exhibitions, romantic views and lively squares. Here there is something to do for everyone.