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On July 2, the secular celebration of “Madonna della Bruna”, protector of the city of Matera, begins at 4:30 with the procession of "shepherds" during which the ancient neighborhoods awaken at the early dawn lights to greet the Picture of the Virgin, whose passage is announced by pyrotechnic shots. Meanwhile, the knights, escorting the processional chariot, gather in the streets and "neighborhoods". As the tradition asks, on the morning of July 2, the statue of “Madonna della Bruna”is brought to the church of Piccianello and then taken into procession on the triumphal chariot along the main roads crowded with people, until arriving in the evening in the Cathedral square where the "three laps" are taken, symbol of the grip of the city by the Virgin. The statue, accompanied by the Archbishopric Curia, will be deposited in the Cathedral. The chariot is surrounded by knights with horses decorated with flowers and velvet, the charioteer raises the mules to the to return to the crowd the symbol of the feast. With the same secular ritual the chariot is attacked and destroyed by the crowds of thousands people. The party ends late in the evening with a race of fireworks that create a unique scenario on the ancient Sassi area, considered by Unesco, a world heritage of humanity.   To attend the pyrotechnic event from 8 pm on the terrace of Ristorante Regia Corte, there will be a buffet dinner at the price of 30 € (wines and drinks not included). From the 23 pm, with the closing of the buffet, you can wait for the beginning of the show.   Tables available only upon advance booking.