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We got organized ourselves and we defined some indispensable measures to travel safely for you without putting at risk the health of you and our staff. Safety and prevention measures all involve us: guests, operators, restaurateurs. We must all work together to protect our health The property starts from a privileged situation, thanks to large spaces that have always guaranteed guests maximum privacy and where it is easy to keep their distance. We will guarantee social distancing by reducing the level of employment of the structure (-30%) and by increasing the spacing among tables of over two meters. In the rooms and suites it will be possible to book the restaurant menu, for an ever richer private experience. We intensified the sanitization procedures and integrated it with special equipment, which involves the use of hydrogen peroxide (nebulization of germicides). In each area of the hotel safety devices such as masks, gloves and sanitizing gel are available to all guests and contact staff. Access to the facility is controlled with a thermoscanner for temperature detection.