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Waiting for 2 July – Patron Saint of the “Madonna della Bruna”

On 2 July represents not only a particular date for the city, but also a moment of profound religiousness, a genetic element for Matera.

Intense the program of appointments that will have in the novenary and visit the triumphal carpeting carriage, to the Piccianello district, the stages of approaching the feast of July 2, which each year attracts thousands of tourists.

The festivity, in an extraordinary set of sacred and profane, begins at five o’clock in the morning with the procession of the shepherds, with the picture of the Virgin painted on copper brought to the whole city and announced by rows of barrels exploded as a sign of celebration. In the late morning, the statue of Our Lady is taken in procession from the Cathedral to the Piccianello parish by the Archbishop with all the clergy to follow. They also take to accompany the Virgin Bruna’s “knights”, who act as a guardian’s clothing, dressed in antique costumes with clear Spanish influences with shining colors, feathered helmets, breeches and horses with parachute bardings.


Live with us approaching the party, delivering the triumphal chariot to the people for the ritual “chase” of the chariot and the fireworks show by Murgia Timone.

“Generalmente ho sempre un atteggiamento molto critico verso queste tipologie di strutture, ma qui non posso esimermi dall’affermare che è stato un soggiorno fantastico seppur di una notte sola, le camere comode e tipiche come solo in questa splendida cittadina puoi trovare, la colazione magnifica e curata nel singolo dettaglio. Sono veramente rimasto stupito anche dalla cordialità dello staff attento alle più piccole esigenze. Inoltre la raffinatezza dei piatti del ristorante e la selezione dei vini la consiglio a tutte le buone forchette.”
Alessio, Italia (Booking)


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