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Matera and not only

the murgia plateaux

Murgia Timone itinerary
Eastbound Murgia Timone plateau overlooks the rocky massif opposite the Civita, Matera old town centre, whereas on the other side of it there is the Gravina river.
It was right here that Mr. Ridola discovered the first entrenched village followed by another entrenched village called Murgecchia, just a little further. Mr. Ridola found it by chance and he immediately understood that is was something great.

  • Jazzo Gattini – it is a XIII century fold where you can admire some objects and typical tools belonging to peasantry and pastoral life.
  • Madonna della Tre Porte – 300 meter far from the right side of Santa Agnese crypt you’ll find the rocky sanctuary called Madonna delle Tre Porte. The original entrance totally collapsed.  It has a  pseudo-rectangular floor plan with symmetric short sides characterized by three apses.
  • Santa Agnese – this church is also known as Santa Maria dell’Arco. The entrance has a parabolic arch and let you enter a small cell with a square floor plan. At the bottom there is a small fresco characterized by bright colours and representing a bishop with mitre and cloak. On his left there is a snake and opposite it you can see an orator.
  • Belvedere di Murgia Timone – this is a strategic place from which you can enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery of Sassi and the Gravina of Matera, as well as some cisterns used to collect the rainwater.


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Wyatt, USA (Booking)


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