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Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort
Who we are

Who we are

In 1999 Nicola Ruscigno and Anna Calia decided to buy some caves in the historic center of Matera with the idea of ​​opening a hotel.
Derived from the most and discouraged by the many, they followed their heart and founded Hotel La Casa Di Lucio.
From that moment on, the rebirth of the Sassi di Matera began.

The years passed and in 2005 they decided to expand and buy the neighborhood that surrounded the ancient court of Matera, to build a new resort called Sant’Angelo.
For the Ruscigno family it was a historic victory that was not indifferent. Over time the Sant’Angelo has grown more and more and will continue to do so, occupying an entire district of the historic center. Thus a wonderful hotel was born, entirely run by a single family made up of brothers, uncles and cousins ​​bound by unconditional love for their city.

In the first photo the founders Nicola Lucio Ruscigno and Anna Calia.
In the second photo the new management; starting from the left the Front Office Manager Biagio Matera, Ing. Biagio Spagnuolo General Manager, General Director Andrea Anna Caragnano and Avv. Vincenzo Matera HR Specialist & Restaurant Manager.

“Absolutely incredible experience, our stay at Sant'Angelo will be something we remember for a lifetime.”
Wyatt, USA (Booking)


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