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Materadio | September

Materadio | September

Materadio is back for the seventh edition, a consolidated project, a series of new proposals for themes and places, an increasing expectation.
Year after year the Festival of Radio3 has also become a point of observation useful to understand how the city is preparing for its epochal appointment, the year 2019, in which it will be the European Capital of Culture.

This year Materadio changes places and locations. The spaces of the Sasso Barisano are abandoned, so evocative but now insufficient to accommodate the many people who year after year take part in these events in favor of another area of ​​the city, wider and central, with the Auditorium of the Conservatory and the nearby Piazza San Francesco. In the Piazza San Giovanni the evening appointments will be presented. But this necessary movement will not change the underlying spirit of the party: the meeting, the sociability, the active participation in cultural events that we think of, of course, of value.

In particular this year because the theme chosen (“Radici e percorsi”) indicates not only one of the focal points of the Matera dossier 2019 but also one of the most interesting cultural nodes of our time. In a moment of radical transformations of forms, languages, communication technologies, what remains of vitality in the traditions we inherit?

“Generalmente ho sempre un atteggiamento molto critico verso queste tipologie di strutture, ma qui non posso esimermi dall’affermare che è stato un soggiorno fantastico seppur di una notte sola, le camere comode e tipiche come solo in questa splendida cittadina puoi trovare, la colazione magnifica e curata nel singolo dettaglio. Sono veramente rimasto stupito anche dalla cordialità dello staff attento alle più piccole esigenze. Inoltre la raffinatezza dei piatti del ristorante e la selezione dei vini la consiglio a tutte le buone forchette.”
Alessio, Italia (Booking)


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