A unique space adapt to any kind of event and able to offer the right mix of functionality and fascination.


If you want it, who are we to say not?

The wedding should not be only the most important day in your life, it should be also the most beautiful. Your families, your friends and all your loved ones all together in the same place is a unique occasion in the life, so it is important to live it to the end. We have already helped a lot of newly-weds to organize their dreams wedding, planning tailor made events with professionalism and creativity and offering a location unique in the world.


The perfect location to make business meetings a little less... you know.

After all the meetings on zoom done in the last period, we got use to most absurd backgrounds, but we assure you that you have never seen anything like our background. Among the caves of the ancient rock we have completely renovated our meeting room to offer you a perfect space for meetings, conferences, workshops and training courses. A prestigious choice to give even more value to your work.


A unique space to give value to any kind of event.

Our building has multiple charming and elegant areas both inside and outside. Moreover, we can count on a different buildings network located in the areas sorrounding the Resort to offer many kinds of solutions for different necessities.
For your event’s organization we offer not only our areas, but also our experience and knowledge in managing every kind of situation.

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How many times have you heard an hotel promise to make you feel at home. We don’t want to lie to you, coming to Sant’Angelo means to live a different experience.