A careful restoration work to respect the places and their history and to project them into the present. Guests can choose between romantic and characteristic rooms in caves and ancient, bright and panoramic buildings.


Centuries-old dwellings

Cave rooms are the most characteristic of our area, carved out of the rock from historic dwellings, guaranteeing a unique experience in the City of the Sassi. The stone walls and the soft light lend a charming and romantic atmosphere..


Modernity and tradition.

The Palazzo rooms are more modern in style, built in characteristic white tuff, and may have windows or balconies, offering a perfect combination of modernity and tradition.


Le Palais d'Orient

Born from a wise restoration inspired by Andalusian Arab influences has been transformed into a lush oasis that will surprise you and will make you live an unforgettable experience, rich in sensations, fragrances far away.